Andalucia Undiscovered Beauty

Andalucia, which is Spain’s southernmost autonomous community, is a place of unrivalled natural beauty. The state, which consists of eight provinces, each unique in its own offerings is rising up meteorically on everyone’s chart of the best tourist destinations in the world due to its varied and till now, untouched and undiscovered beauty. Andalucia’s natural beauty is unique in itself because it is one of those rare places on earth that offer mankind all the treasures of nature at one place. So while the region boasts of sandy beaches and untouched countryside villages on one hand, it is complemented by snow covered peaks and lush jungles on the other. Excellent weather, more than 3000 sunny hours an year, beautiful natural ports, awe inspiring historical monuments and inhabitants who are full of life and hospitality have made Andalusia one place where everybody wants to go.

No wonder then, that the eight provinces of Andalucia– Cadiz, Cordoba, Almeria, Jaen, Granada, Huelva, Malaga and Seville